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HRH Queen Elizabeth II (Carolyn Sadowska) Photo by: Andy Sinats


Hattie’s Heist is a screenplay written by Prudence Emery and John Kent Harrison. Emery is a seasoned film publicist who has worked on over 100 films in Canada and abroad, and now lives in quiet Oak Bay (where the film is based), a sleepy community in Victoria, BC. Harrison (‘JKH’) is a film and television director and writer who is best known for his work in the international mini-series format.

Hattie is a 75 year-old impoverished senior who is inspired to become an international bank robber.

When mild mannered Hattie views Canada’s media maven Moses Znaimer, HM Queen Elizabeth II and newscaster Lloyd Robertson on television, she is motivated to take control of her own life.  Encouraged to follow her dreams to resolve senior poverty, she forms a motor scooter gang with her peers, hatching a plot to rob the local bank. Their methods are unorthodox to say the least—utilizing walkers to create barriers to stop the police and the public from entering the crime scene for a start. In the midst of these shenanigans, Hattie’s life becomes fraught when she discovers that her new boyfriend is a retired RCMP officer.  She must decide between a potential partner or life on the lam.

Maxine Miller

Hattie (Maxine Miller) Photo by: James Dittiger

Hattie’s Heist is a transformational rags to riches comedy that makes a comment on the widespread plight of impoverished seniors and the dwindling pensions facing retiring boomers.  It’s best perceived as a caper film.  It is not a story to encourage oldsters to rob banks, but an inspirational tale to encourage them to fulfill their dreams before it is too late.

We’ve wrapped filming but if you still want to support Hattie, any additional funds will go to post-production. It’s easy to donate – just click through to our Help Hattie page and you can contact Prudence by emailing at: premery [@] attglobal [dot] net. 

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