Hattie’s Pooch Tessie

Tessie, is a five-year-old, 8.2 pound Yorkshire Terrier, born in Cumberland B.C on Vancouver Island on July 15th, 2007. When her owner, Kristine Ash, brought her home, she was 11 weeks old and weighed 2.2. pounds.

At eight months old, Tessie took a one hour obedience class after which, Kristine took over her training.  Tessie learned how to sit, stay, shake both paws, high five, lay down, rollover, play dead and bark on command. Her wardrobe includes boots, shirts, sweaters, kilts, hats and of particular interest to Hattie’s Heist, goggles, leather jacket and her own motorcycle helmet. Tessie wears her motorcycle “gear” when she rides with Kristine in her own seat on the gas tank of Kristine’s Harley-Davidson.


The role
In the film, Tessie is Hattie’s sidekick, riding around in the basket of Hattie’s scooter. Along with the three bank robbers, Tessie wears a disguise, and plays a pivotal role by accidentally introducing Hattie to a new suitor.

Other skills
Tessie is registered with The Pacific Animal Therapy Society as a therapy pet and works/volunteers, with Kristine, at a seniors care facility in Oak Bay. At work she rides on housekeeping carts, on flatbed dollies, valet carts, wheelchairs (on someones lap), walkers and and in the basket of a scooter.  However, her primary job is cuddling with the seniors and staff and putting smiles on the faces of just about everyone she meets.

Tessie and Kristine live in Victoria.


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