RUFF TRADE: Times Colonist November 20, 2012

21 Nov

Actor Matt Frewer says getting to play a character named “flummoxed policeman” is a dream come true.

“He must be Belgian. I’ve never played a Belgian,” joked Frewer, best known for Max Headroom but whose recent gigs include roles in Steven Spielberg’s sci-fi series Falling Skies and opposite Vera Farmiga in Bates Motel, the prequel to Psycho.

Although he joked in a news release that “the general rule of thumb in film is never work with children, animals, seniors or Pru Emery,” Frewer says he’s looking forward to reuniting with writer-producer Prudence Emery on Hattie’s Heist. Her short comedy caper is tentatively set to be directed by Gail Harvey (The Murdoch Mysteries) in Oak Bay next spring.

“We vowed never to work together again, but since we’ve got old, we forgot,” joked Frewer, who worked with both Emery, in her capacity as a unit publicist, on Hallmark Channel’s Battle of the Bulbs, and Maxine Miller, who plays the title character in Emery’s short about the adventures of a cash-strapped senior who becomes an unlikely Robin Hood-style bank robber.

Media tycoon Moses Znaimer, retired CTV news anchor Lloyd Robertson and Carolyn Sadowska, as the queen, appear in cameos.

Midnight tonight is your last chance to cast your vote and help Emery and her collaborators decide which local pooch will star as Hattie’s four-legged sidekick. Sixty-five canine hopefuls that turned out for a recent casting call were narrowed to five finalists, with one dog a week eliminated based on results determined by Likes at

Nearly 9,000 visitors have seen the Facebook post so far, with the winner to be announced Wednesday, Emery said.

Round three survivors are Arthur (Pomeranian poodle cross), Tessie (Yorkshire Terrier) and Ollie (pug). Voting is being held in tandem with the film’s online crowd-funding campaign at hattiesheist, where Bullsh*t, Blackmail and Begging, Canadian producer and independent film industry pioneer Pat Ferns’s new video on the changing world of pitching appears.

The producers have just 10 days left to raise $25,000 online for the Oak Bay-filmed canine caper to go ahead.
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“Bullsh*t, Blackmail and Begging”

17 Nov

Hear Pat Ferns, Producer of Hattie’s Heist, take on getting a film funded in his pitch entitled: “Bullsh*t, Blackmail and Begging”.


Playback: Matt Frewer Joins Gail Harvey Short Film Hattie’s Heist

14 Nov

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Going to the Dogs!

5 Nov

Check out the 4 legged fun at our recent auditions for Hattie’s pooch ….


Ollie Gives 2 Paws Up to Audition

1 Nov

Ollie the Pug

Times Colonist writer Adrian Chamberlain writes about his pug Ollie’s audition for Hattie’s Heist. Read his hilarious account here.

Vote for the pooch you love the most on Hattie’s Facebook page here.

Tessie the Yorkie

Bandit the Chihauahua

Marcel the Papillon

Arthur the Poodle X Pomeranian

Victoria Film Audition Goes to the Dogs

30 Oct

Read about how the auditions for Hattie’s 4-legged friend went to the dogs here.

Media Clippings: Dog Need for Short Film

26 Oct

Casting Call

22 Oct

Emery Productions Inc. 



Bank Robber Dog

for the short film


Scenes include:

* Riding in the basket of a 4-wheel scooter

* Sitting on a bank counter wearing a disguise

* Running down the street


Your dog should be:

*  small and easy to pick up

*  sit and stay on command

* available for at least two shooting days



* Rotary Hall, Windsor Park Pavilion

2451 Windsor Road, Oak Bay

* October 27, 2012, 12:30 – 3:00 p.m.

* Contact:

Your dog will receive an honorarium, a film credit & DVD                            

Emery Productions Inc.


22 Oct

VICTORIA, B.C., October, 2012– Hattie’s Heist is searching for a dog to star in the short film opposite veteran actress Maxine Miller (This Can’t be Love, Party of Five, Small Sacrifices, Smallville, Dead Like Me), and Matt Frewer (Max Headroom, Eureka, The Watchman).  The comedy is scheduled to shoot in Oak Bay in the spring of 2013 under the direction of Gail Harvey (Murdoch Mysteries, The Republic of Doyle).

The dog auditions will be held on Saturday, October 27 between 12:30 and 3:00 p.m. at Rotary Hall, Windsor Park Pavilion, 2451 Windsor Road, Oak Bay.  A panel of judges, including Maxine Miller, who plays Hattie, will select five canine finalists to be posted on Facebook where fans can vote for their favourite doggie star.  One dog a week will be eliminated over five weeks.  The winner gets to star alongside Hattie.

Because Hattie carries her dog in some scenes, the auditions are limited to small dogs easy to lift and carry.  The dogs must be trained to sit, stay, lie down, be willing to ride a short distance in the basket of a four-wheeled motor scooter, wear a custom-made disguise for the bank robbery and sit on a counter.  And, of course, be people friendly.  The winner must be available for at least two shooting days.   The ability to bark on command would be a bonus.

The dog plays Hattie’s sidekick in Hattie’s Heist, about an impoverished senior who, inspired by an anchorman, publisher and the Queen, becomes an international bank robber.  Hattie forms a gang of her silver-haired peers, launching a new career for them all.   What the heck, they’ve nothing to lose and everything to gain.  Hatties Heist is a comedy caper with heart, which pokes fun at banks and introduces a modern Robin Hood.  The dog plays a pivotal role by inadvertently linking Hattie to a suitor.

Appearing in cameo roles are Canada’s favourite Anchorman Lloyd Robertson and media tycoon Moses Znaimer.  Victoria’s Carolyn Sadowska impersonates the queen.

Hattie’s Heist is produced by Pat Ferns (Billy Bishop Goes to War, Darwin’s Brave New World, Glory Enough for All and Heaven on Earth), and Prudence Emery (Good Will Hunting, Eastern Promises, History of Violence and An Unfinished Life), who also wrote the screenplay.  Alix Cameron is Associate Producer.

“Contact Hattie” with any questions.

Find Hattie online at Facebook, Indiegogo, YouTube and Twitter.

For casting information click here.



Maxine Miller on “Hattie”

9 May

See why renowned Canadian actress, Maxine Miller, was so intrigued by the role of “Hattie” and her story. If you’re intrigued, please consider helping us to get “Hattie’s Heist” filmed. You can help Hattie here. Thank you!