Ron Wisman, C.C.E. (Editor)

Ron Wisman Sr(2)Ron Wisman, C.C.E. has been an integral component of the Canadian editing community for over 40 years.

Ron has an impressive resume of 90 titles with almost half being Movies of the Week; The Violin, one of the first films that he cut, was nominated for an Academy Award.

His editing has garnered many accolades, with 21 nominations and 11 wins. He was continually recognized by the Canadian Film Editors Guild and was nominated for his outstanding work on Joshua Then and Now. The following year he was awarded both an American ACE Award and a Gemini for Sword of Gideon. He also cut the cult classic, The Pyx.

Collaborating with John Woo, Michael Anderson, Ted Kotcheff and Canadian legend Don Shebib to name a few, he has helped shape performances of many Hollywood legends; Charlton Heston and Vanessa Redgrave to Lloyd Bridges and Christopher Plummer.

In addition to the above achievements, it is important to remember that a career like this is full of more than titles and credits; it is a testament to a devoted and sought-after craftsman.

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